Amazon and Canal + win the day


French football was holding its breath. This Friday took place the board of directors of the LFP. On the menu, TV rights for 2021-2024. Initially scheduled for 12:30 p.m., the CA was postponed to 3 p.m. The tension then mounted a notch for the various actors. In a position of strength since the end of last season and the bitter failure Mediapro, Canal + thought he was keeping my hand in this hot issue. The encrypted channel wanted above all to broadcast the Ligue 1 posters on Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening, and leave the field open to another broadcaster for the other matches, as well as Ligue 2.

Nominated candidate, bein Sports could therefore rush into the breach by creating a new channel devoted to the broadcasting of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 matches. Everything seemed more or less tied up with an offer of Channel estimated at 370 M € per year for the two matches broadcast announced The team this Friday morning. The Qatari channel would pay in parallel the sum of approximately 165 million euros per year. Not to mention bonuses estimated at 40 M € for the first year of the contract, just over 100 M € for the remaining two years.

Amazon, the surprise guest

But a surprise actor was invited into the negotiations: Amazon. In the afternoon, RMC Sport announced that the rights holder for Roland-Garros had made an offer to thwart plans to bein Sports. The outcome of this soap opera was therefore eagerly awaited by French clubs. And this is the duo Amazon / Canal + which won the bet with a package estimated at 663 million euros. The proposal is based on 250 million euros from Amazon (plus production costs at 25 million euros per year) for eight matches per day of Ligue 1 and 9 million euros per year for eight matches of League 2.

For his part, Canal + offers 332 million euros for two Ligue 1 matches per day (Saturday 9 p.m. and Sunday 5 p.m.). Finally, beIN will have two Ligue 2 games for 30 million euros per year. With 42 million euros offered per year, Free retains the quasi-direct / VOD rights. At the same time, Amazon also obtains eight Ligue 2 matches for 9 million euros per year. RMC Sport. A new era is opening for TV rights to French football!

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