Balotelli: a joke that could cost him dearly…

Mario Balotelli once again made a name for himself this weekend in Italy by challenging a Neapolitan bar manager. The former Inter Milan, Manchester City and Liverpool star Balotelli, 28, is almost as famous for his various stunts as he is for his accomplishments on the pitch.


Mario Balotelli’s summer is decidedly more hectic in his spare time than in his commercial activities.

The Italian made the buzz last weekend on social networks, after encouraging a Neapolitan restaurateur, to take his scooter for a $2,000 reward.

In the latest incident, published on the forward’s Instagram page, he was filmed making a bet, with the owner of a bar, he is reportedly a regular at, in Mergellina on the coast of Naples.

Egged on by a group of people gathering around, the man is seen getting on his Vespa, while dressed in his pants, before riding it off the street and went directly into the sea, accompanied by howls of delights
He emerges to haul himself out, while the moped remains stricken, before collecting a wad of cash, from a smiling Super MARIO Balotelli, who then lights up a cigarette.

The man later told reporters that “my moped was only worth €600 anyway,” according to the Football Italia

A challenge that could cost the former Liverpool player dearly

According to reports in the Italian press, an investigation has been opened against the former Marseille Olympics striker by the port authority and the Ministry of the Environment in Naples.

He could be prosecuted for incitement to crime and gambling and abandonment of hazardous waste.

Super Mario is still without a club after his six-month spell with Marseille.


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