Bolloré’s right of reply

Owner of Canal +, Vincent Bolloré denied the remarks attributed to him by Le Monde and which were taken up by us.

It would therefore be a personal battle that Vincent Bolloré would have decided to lead. Boss of the Vivendi group, owner of Canal +, the latter obviously did not digest the failure suffered by his company during the last call for tenders organized by the LFP in 2018, for the purchase of the broadcasting rights for the championship. And if this Tuesday, it is the president of C +, Maxime Saada, who announced that the broadcaster was returning his share for the matches of Saturday evening and Sunday 5 p.m., it would indeed be Vincent Bolloré who would lead the dance.

At least that’s what suggests The world, who published an article this Thursday, in which he discusses the strategy put in place by Canal + to try to recover the rights at a lower cost. It therefore appears that Vincent Bolloré wants to make the presidents of Ligue 1 pay dearly, their choice to prefer Mediapro. But after the bitter failure and the catastrophic departure of the non-paying broadcaster, Bolloré regained control and take revenge. According to The world, this one declared in “off”, about the presidents of L1: “ I wanna see them on their knees in a pool of blood“.

Words that the interested party assures, however, never to have made. In a right of reply which was sent to us by his council, the remarks that were attributed to the boss of Canal + were totally denied. “An article entitled” Bolloré and these Ligue 1 presidents “on their knees in a pool of blood”, published on the website on January 15, 2021, states that Mr Vincent Bolloré would have “decided to take revenge” and lends him the following comments “about the presidents of L1”: “I want to see them on their knees in a pool of blood”. Mr. Vincent Bolloré formally denies having uttered this sentence, and equally formally contests the alleged desire for “revenge (ance)” which is attributed to him in this article. No one has contacted him to verify the reality of the words and intentions attributed to him ”.

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