Brazilian Legend PELÉ celebrates his 80th birthday

The Brazilian legend Pelé celebrates this Friday his 80th birthday. In spite of his age, he keeps many admirers all over the world.

“O Rei” is 80 years old

One of the greatest players of all time, if not the greatest, reached this symbolic bar this Friday. An important event that he celebrates at home, in a house located in Guaruja, on the Paulista coast, and in the company of his closest entourage. Still hampered by a hip and also a kidney problem, the three-time world champion has limited mobility.

But, according to his assistants and his family, he does not lose hope at the idea of escaping this tiring routine and returning to his many activities.

It’s been a while since Pele has been in the spotlight. The 2018 World Cup was in fact the first one that he did not attend because of his health concerns. That doesn’t prevent him from being loved and admired as much as ever throughout the world.

José Fornos, his long-time assistant, confirmed this by reporting that he received more than 250 interviews for this 80th anniversary, as well as a hundred messages of affection from fans.

Weakened and cautious in this period of health crisis, he could not however respond favourably to his various media requests. Including from TV Globo, the most popular soccer channel.

Pele, a legend without equal

For lack of being able to express himself orally, Pele will perhaps do it through social networks, as he knows how to do so well despite his age. Kylian Mbappé and Neymar can testify to this.

It is possible that he will come forward to express his gratitude and to share his thanks with all those who have paid tribute to him and glorified him for the umpteenth time for the many exploits he has achieved during his 21-year career.

And there have been many! To this day, he remains the only footballer to have lifted the World Cup three times. He was also the author of 1289 goals throughout his career, some of which will be remembered forever.

These feats earned him the title of Footballer of the Century by FIFA and Athlete of the Century by the IOC. A beautiful and copious business card, worthy of the king that he is.

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