Cristiano Ronaldo gets a new toy in the garage

Cristiano Ronaldo gets a new toy in the garage
Cristiano Ronaldo gets a new toy in the garage for €8m to celebrate the Juve title

Cristiano Ronaldo has decided to celebrate his second Italian league title with Juve, as he should.

Tuttosport tells us that the Portuguese player has bought himself a €8m Centodieci to celebrate his second title in style.

This model of the prestigious Bugatti brand, was created to celebrate the 110th anniversary, of the brand’s existence. CR7 is a loyal and special customer, he is close to the brand, and sometimes lends its image for promotional purposes.

Bugatti has also teamed up with Nike, to design an event football shoe, to be worn by the five-time Golden Ball winner.

It will be released soon !!!



For almost 110 years, Bugatti cars have been characterized by outstanding design and power.

With the new Centodieci special edition, the French sports car manufacturer is continuing in the same vein.

At the same time, Bugatti is looking back, on the traces of its recent history, with an exclusive and exceptional small series.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his Bugatti racing cars

The Centodieci is only produced in 10 copies, the sale of the latter is planned to start in 2021.

As far as the French car manufacturer is concerned, CR7 is regularly, displayed with models of the brand.

The Juve attacker has already owned a Veyron and a Chiron, estimated at €1.2 million and €2.4 million, respectively.

With the Centodieci, the former Madrid native, is moving up a notch, and is now getting, one of the most expensive cars, for sale in the world (after another Bugatti, the only one sold “La Voiture Noire” for €11 million before tax, the most expensive car in the world).

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