Denmark attacks UEFA


Ambitious for Euro 2020, the Danish team made a big start to the match against Finland for their entry into the competition. However, football quickly became anecdotal. A few minutes before half-time, Christian Eriksen collapsed victim of a heart attack. A big fright for the Inter Milan player who was taken care of quickly and evacuated to the nearest hospital. In stable condition, the 29-year-old is doing better even though he is still under observation. Denmark coach Kasper Hjulmand spoke at a press conference on Sunday.

The 1-0 defeat against Finland was not the topic of the day since the questions revolved around the state of Christian Eriksen and the state of mind of a group logically weakened by the shock experienced the day before. Thus, the Danish technician pointed out the fact of having been obliged to either continue the meeting or resume it the next day. The context was not ideal according to him: “The players were in shock. They didn’t know whether or not they had lost their best friend. We shouldn’t have played. I think it was a bad decision. ”

The players had no choice

Strongly touched emotionally like his players, Kasper Hjulmand also returned to the remarks made by Christian Eriksen to the whole team: “he told us:” How are you? I think things are less well than me. . I feel like I could go and train! “”. An optimistic reaction from the former Ajax and Tottenham player who asked his teammates to fight for him: “He wants us to continue, so that’s what we’re going to do. We want to play for Christian. We will see how the players recover from this ordeal. For some, the game against Belgium on Thursday will undoubtedly fall a bit early. ”

Pressed by the pace of the tournament, Denmark criticized UEFA’s lack of flexibility in the face of such a serious event which could have cost the life of one of its players. An attitude strongly criticized on the set of TV3 by local legend Brian Laudrup: “the players had a choice which was not a choice. Play tonight or tomorrow at 12 o’clock, I think, I’m sorry, that’s not a choice. ” Also present on the television set, Peter Schmeichel father of Kasper Schmeichel who was titular during this match also railed against the attitude of the body which manages European football.

He believes that UEFA lacked tact and humanity towards the Danish players: “It’s totally ridiculous that UEFA has come up with such a solution. When something so terrible happens and UEFA gives players the option of resuming Saturday night or Sunday at noon, what is that option? You come back to your hotel, you can’t sleep because you saw something traumatic. And you get up and then go back to the field to play the end of the match. It’s not an option, it’s a ridiculous decision by UEFA. ” UEFA’s position is going very badly in Denmark.

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