Eric Gerets’ son’s funny anecdotes about his father


Coach of the Olympique de Marseille from 2007 to 2009, Eric Gerets did not stay very long on the Canebière, but enough to enter the hearts of the Marseillais and to make a name for himself in France. Today removed from the field following a cerebral hemorrhage which occurred in 2015, the lion of Rekem will undoubtedly follow the course from Belgium to the Euro in front of his television. Perhaps he will see his son there stealthily.

Member of the Red Devils staff since 2019, Johan Gerets (39) will take care of the state of form of the stars of the Belgian selection during this European Championship. On the eve of the entry into the running of Roberto Martinez’s men against Russia, Eric’s son returned to his career in the columns of the Last hour, before discussing his relationship with his famous father. And therefore to give some sometimes funny anecdotes.

### Either close it or walk home

Starting with the bad loser side of the former defender. “After a lost game, he was unbearable. I remember a heavy defeat at Feyenoord (in 1989). On the way back to Limburg, my brother and I couldn’t say a word in the car. We hardly dared to breathe. That day, while he was going 130 km / h, dad had braked hard on the emergency lane because we had spoken. He had turned around and shouted, ‘Either shut up or walk home.’ We closed it. ” “ A hatred of the defeat which his children have often witnessed. Like this time when Rekem’s lion came home very frustrated after a defeat in the clash between PSV and the Ajacid rival.

“We had returned from Eindhoven after a loss, my brother and I had to go upstairs. From our room, we witnessed an incredible scene. Dad was so upset that he lost that he would put on his running shoes and go, sprinting and dressed in PSV training (the training stuff). While he had already played 90 minutes thoroughly, in the afternoon. An hour later he could be heard coming back. Still in the sprint. He had drawn so much from his reserves that he was vomiting in the bushes. It was his way of handling a loss. “

Finally, the former wife of the coach has learned the hard way that it is important not to touch the prestigious collection of her husband’s swimsuits. “Via Jean-Marie Pfaff, dad received Maradona’s jersey at the 1982 World Cup. One fine day, mum had the bad idea to paint in the house wearing this jersey. When dad came home and saw this – and especially when he spotted a tiny spot of paint on the jersey – he went wild. He very carefully took off the jersey, to limit the damage. Since then, the shirts of Maradona, Cruijff and other legendary players have been in a safe. “ Sacred Gerets!

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