FC Barca: A presidential candidate announces the reconstitution of the duo Neymar-Messi

Jordi Farré, Barça’s presidential candidate, announces that the rebuilding of the Neymar-Messi duo is now a solid project. Analysis.

Since Neymar’s shocking statements about his desire to reconstitute his duo with Messi, the subject of Neymar’s return to Barça is on the table, and some candidates for the club’s presidency do not hesitate to announce the reconstitution of the Neymar-Messi duo. This is the case of Jordi Farré, for example, who says: “Neymar and Lionel Messi will play together at Barça next season.

“Before continuing: “Neymar will be welcome, but the first thing he has to do is to withdraw his legal actions and apologise without humiliation. We spoke to his entourage and they told us to “go home”. Who doesn’t want the third best player in the world in their team? I’m sure Messi doesn’t want to leave. I spoke to his entourage and they told me that he wants to stay if there is a winning project. The proposal I have for him is to renew year after year and become honorary president. With this he will say no? »

Easy as long as it’s theoretical…

What should we think about it? Is the danger for the MTP real? As it stands, not really. The Farré candidate is only at the stage of intentions, and then everything seems simple. But when the project takes a concrete turn, the very important financial efforts that Neymar and Messi will have to make to play together again at FC Barcelona will constitute an insurmountable obstacle for the concretisation of the deal.

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