FC Barçelona-Messi wants to make peace with Barca fans

Eager to leave FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi (33 years old, 1 game and 1 goal in La Liga this season) was finally retained by its leaders.

The Argentinian striker now wants to turn the page and intends to do everything possible to win back the disappointed after the summer soap opera that almost led to his departure. The Argentinian striker has sent a clear message to the Catalan club’s fans.

Lionel Messi: the touching message to the socios and cules of FC Barcelona

“After so many disagreements, I wanted to put an end to it. We all have to unite and hope that the best is yet to come. I take responsibility for my mistakes, if they existed it was only to make Barcelona better and stronger.

This team will give the best with the sole aim of making this public, our fans, happy, who deserve it so much. We must leave our differences aside. But that’s it, everything is over, we have to concentrate on being the best we can be and achieve all the goals we can together, as a team and with the public: adding passion and desire will be the only way to achieve our goals, staying united and rowing in the same direction”, explained La Pulga for Sport.

“My commitment to Barça remains total”

“I simply said what I felt about those moments that were hard for me. I understand that some people think I should have kept quiet or let it go, as in so many other things I let go, but a lot of things have hurt me in the last few weeks and this has been my way of expressing it.

Finally, I would like to send a message to the socios and Culés who are following us: If, at any time, some of them may have been hurt by something I said or did, let them have no doubt that I have always done it with the good of the club in mind”, explained La Pulga for Sport.

A mobilising discourse that says a lot about his current state of mind. He wants to give his all in what could be his last year at the club. “Today, my commitment to this tunic and crest is total, it is still intact,” he added.

And so that everyone is pulling in the same direction, he advocates the sacred union: “Passion and hope are the means to achieve our goals, all together”. It remains to be seen whether he is also ready to give up the fight with Josep Maria Bartomeu, the president who has lost the esteem of the entire locker room in recent months.

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