FIFAGATE: did Mediapro pay bribes ?

New scandal for Mediapro!

In addition to the ongoing dispute in France over the TV rights to League 1 and League 2, the Sino-Spanish holding company of the audiovisual group, acknowledged Wednesday the payment of bribes, to FIFA for the acquisition of the audiovisual rights, to CONCACAF Zone qualifiers for the 2014, 2018 and 2022 World Championships.

“Imagina acknowledges its responsibility, as a legal entity, for the criminal behaviour of its representatives; that said criminal behaviour for which Imagina was responsible included the payment of bribes for the purchase of audiovisual rights,” an official statement said.

In agreement with the American investigators of “Fifagate”, the public disclosure of this “criminal behaviour” (as stated in the press release) and the payment of the 20 million euros, stopped the proceedings against Imagina.

With these new revelations, Mediapro reputation is a little more fragile as it is experiencing major financial problems in honouring the contract signed with the LFP for the broadcasting of League 1 and League 2. Canal + could take over part of its rights.

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