Jorge Sampaoli announces his departure from Atlético Mineiro


It’s no secret that Olympique de Marseille have been looking for a new coach since the departure of André Villas-Boas. And the Marseille team quickly made Jorge Sampaoli their top priority. Seduced by the Olympian project, the Argentinian technician responded favorably to the advances of Pablo Longoria and the residents of the Orange Vélodrome. An agreement was even found for a contract until 2023 and the coach would be expected at the end of the week in France. Before that, he had to complete his adventure in Brazil at Atlético Mineiro. This Monday, the Brazilian media, including Globoesporte, published Sampaoli’s farewell letter to the Auriverde stable.

“The year 2020 has been very hard for humanity. We have to be creative and we wanted to build a team that, when on TV, would forget about sadness for a moment. We didn’t just want to win: we tried to be happy. There was not a single day at Atlético Mineiro where we gave up our idea of ​​football. This team had the courage to play at home and away alike. (…) It gives me impressive pride. I want this to be an ideology that stays with the club. Brazilian football has infinite talent and made me rediscover the beauty of the game, something that will mark me forever. The end has come. Thursday will be the last game. I leave with the nostalgia of not being able to evolve in a full stadium. I know we are very moved. I really wanted to experience the videos I had seen of an enthusiastic supporter. I want to thank the whole club. To the players, for their work. To all club employees, for putting their soul into this project. To managers, for giving us good working conditions. To the city, for treating us so well. The club is destined to fight for big things. I know the victories will come. I love you very much and wish you to continue walking with your heart as a guide. Jorge Luis Sampaoli ”.

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