King Manaj impresses at Barça, Arsenal’s big check to find his goalkeeper


King Manaj wears Barça

Barça played a preparation match yesterday and the meeting turned into a demonstration for the Blaugrana, against Nastic. The Catalans won 4 goals to 0, all scored in the second half. And a man stood out, it is Rey Manaj, author of a hat-trick. That’s why he made the front page of Mundo Deportivo who has fun talking about “King Manaj“, Which says”rey” in Spanish. This also makes the cover of Sport which speaks of a “crushing victory“. The other information of the day which also concerns Barça, it is the tussle that continues between the leaders and the players on the subject of salaries. Because the latter still do not want to lower their emoluments, to the chagrin of the Catalan board …

€ 37m minimum for Ramsdale

In England, Arsenal continues to be active in the transfer market. The London club are looking to afford a goalkeeper and it is on Aaron Ramsdale that he has set his sights. According to The Times, the Gunners’ first two offers were turned down by Sheffield United, who are asking for more. Still according to the daily, it will be necessary to release more than 32 M £ or approximately 37 M €. One of the reasons mentioned is that the English goalkeeper was part of the Three Lions group at the Euro, and that his rating has increased. The news is also making the headlines of the Daily Star. For the tabloid it’s slightly different, since Ramsdale will be a Gunner, in exchange for that £ 32m amount.

La Joya will extend to Juve?

On the Italian side, it’s a photo of Paulo Dybala that makes the front page of Tuttosport. An image of La Joya posing with Alessandro Del Piero which seems innocuous. It may be a detail for you, but for the Italian newspaper it means a lot. It means that it is “ready to extend“, Writes the media which speaks of”renewal“And which explains that the image gives a lot of”enthusiasm»Among Juve fans.

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