Lionel Messi accused of having ruined the FC Barcelona!

For a long time considered as a living god, Lionel Messi undergoes more and more violent attacks as his contract with Barcelona comes to an end. The Argentinian is now accused of having ruined Barça.

When one wants to kill his dog, it is said that he has rabies. This expression seems to apply more and more to Lionel Messi on the side of FC Barcelona. As long as the six-time Ballon d’Or winner lined up victories and trophies with Barça, no one blamed him, but the fact that the Argentine star of the Blaugrana announced last summer that he refused to extend his contract with the Catalan club suddenly opened the floodgates to criticism. And, at a time when the financial accounts of FC Barcelona are in the red, since there is talk of a deficit exceeding one billion euros at the end of the season, Lionel Messi is accused of having contributed to the club’s plunge in accounting terms.

555,237,619 euros Messi contract cost

This Sunday, the very serious El Mundo makes its front page with a figure: 555,237,619 euros, which represents the cost of the contract signed in 2017 by Messi to renew for four years at Barça. And the title is not much more flattering for the player and Josep Maria Bartomeu, who ran the club at the time: “Leo Messi’s pharaonic contract that ruined Barcelona”. The daily, which had access to this highly confidential document, gives the details that lead to the 555.2ME spent in four years to keep La Pulga.

the four year contract extension explanation

This four-year contract extension, signed on November 25, 2017, allows Lionel Messi to pocket his salary, image rights, a series of bonuses described as unprecedented by the media, and variable sums according to different objectives, i.e. 555.2ME, of which the player would have already pocketed 92% less than six months before the end of his contract. Of this total, the portion linked to salaries would be 138 million euros, or 380.00 euros per day, while the bonuses are numerous with, for example, 97 million euros in extra time bonuses, 66 million euros in loyalty bonuses, 1.6 million euros per season if Messi plays 60% of the matches, 2.3 million euros in the case of a Spanish title or 3.5 million euros in the case of victory in the Champions League. The same goes for the image rights, which gives rise to a shower of bonuses, including 17 million in extra time bonuses and 11.6 million in loyalty bonuses. A financial deluge that obviously does not take into account what the presence of Lionel Messi has brought to FC Barcelona. The elections for the presidency of Barça are approaching, which perhaps explains this.

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