Lionel Messi at the PSG this summer, is it a good idea?

At the end of his contract with Barça, Lionel Messi could leave his long-time club and PSG is one of the contenders. Good or bad idea?

On August 25th, the announcement makes the effect of a bomb: Lionel Messi has just asked his departure from FC Barcelona, hoping to activate a clause in his contract to leave free. Two weeks later, the Pulga finally announced that he would stay in the club that saw him grow up. A simple game postponed for the one who arrives at the end of his contract at the end of the season?

In any case, the names of Manchester City and PSG come back with insistence when talking about the future of the six-time “Ballon d’Or”. In Paris, Neymar spoke of his desire to play again with his friend, while Leonardo made no secret of the fact that the club could enter the fray.

At a time when the PSG is going to try to get rid of Blaugrana for the first time, still led by their genial feu follet, the question is more than ever topical: Messi at the PSG, good or bad idea?

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This seems completely crazy if not impossible in view of the health crisis and its consequences. But does impossible really rhyme with PSG? For several weeks now, people have only been talking about Lionel Messi in Paris and it would be unfortunate not to believe it. Yes, PSG will try to bring him here. And yes, it won’t be easy, all the more so as he wants to extend the contracts of Neymar and Kylian Mbappé at the same time. The two crackers are obviously not going to lower their salaries to stay. He will therefore try to find a solution for Messi. But if it were possible…

Lionel Messi would then sign at Paris Saint-Germain, free at the end of the season. A six-time Ballon d’Or in Paris, imagine the picture! I can already hear the grumpy people saying “But he’s a crank, he’s 33 years old. He’ll never come to the PSG in a million years. Stop dreaming!” And? Until proof to the contrary, the native of Rosario has not yet taken a public stand on his future. According to Goal’s information, he hasn’t even discussed with the French club, or with any other club for that matter. So why shouldn’t we consider having him illuminate the Eiffel Tower like Neymar did in 2017?

That would be so incredible. A kind of 14 July in soccer mode finally where Lionel Messi, of a rather discreet nature, would put a smile back on the faces of so many Parisians stuck in the gray curfew currently due to Covid-19. This whole little scenario seems quite utopian. And nothing says that the Argentinean international will eventually reach the French capital. Rumors sending him to Paris even tend to annoy him and his entourage. But in Paris, they don’t hide it: “If we can get Messi to come, we’ll get him to come!” Even the players, among themselves, talk about it. Few of them would be opposed to the arrival of the man who is already one of the greatest players in the history of soccer.

We won’t go so far as to talk about Maradona’s reincarnation, of course, but we all remember the tribute paid to the Pibe de Oro after his death at the end of November. Paris had put the small dishes in the big ones to recall all the love that soccer had for Maradona. So to see his worthy successor join the PSG would be a more than remarkable wink. Simply magical.

Paris loves artists. Ronaldinho, Raï or Okocha, for example, all made the Parc des Princes rise. Neymar as well, of course. The Brazilian would find his former Barça comrade. A duet that had made misfortunes, in the company of Luis Suarez, over several seasons. A duo that has never hidden its desire to play together again one day. We haven’t forgotten what Neymar said after the match in Manchester at the beginning of December: “I’d like to play again with Messi. That’s what I want the most. I would let him play in my place, there’s no problem. I want to play with him again for sure. We have to do it next year.” That would be crazy, unbelievable, sweet madness. Finally a little bit of magic in this less and less fairy-tale soccer.

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