Luis Campos talks about how he sniffed out the excellent Burak Yilmaz shot


On August 1, 2020, when LOSC formalized the arrival of Turkish striker Burak Yilmaz, France knew this scorer by name thanks to his goals scored with the selection (29 in 67 caps) or in the European Cup. But no one had flared up when they saw a 35-year-old landed. Clearly, Lille seemed to have just added a little experience in a very young attack. In the end, the Mastiffs achieved a masterstroke.

Author of 11 goals between September 2020 and January 2021, the former Besiktas player then disappeared from the radar screens due to an injury. Returning to the field in March, Yilmaz was the man who carried the LOSC to the title of champion of France. Ultra decisive at the end of the season (7 goals scored in the last 7 matches), he was the key player in certain situations. We think in particular of his free kick against OL at Groupama Stadium (while Les Gones led 2-0) or his double scored in the derby against RC Lens.

And if Lille are rubbing their hands to have such a striker with them, it is thanks to the work of Luis Campos. Moreover, the scorer’s agent, Hasan Torun, told RMC Sport last April that his protégé had accepted the Lille challenge only because he had been seduced by the Portuguese. “Luis Campos spent ten days with me in Istanbul and managed to convince the player. I can say it today that Burak came to Lille for Luis Campos and for the project and not for the money. He has an extraordinary power of persuasion and has found the right words through many discussions. “

Campos had flashed on Yilmaz in 2013

This Friday, as Turkey opens the ball for Euro 2020 with Italy, The team drew up a portrait of Lille in which Luis Campos recalls the love at first sight he had for Yilmaz. “In the spring of 2013, Real faced Galatasaray in the quarterfinals of the Champions League, I am in charge of the reports on the opponent. He already has a great career, but I’m discovering it. I talk to Mourinho about it, and since that day, I have remained a lover. In Monaco, when Falcao is injured, we hesitate between Berbatov and him, but he has an astronomical salary, he is already a star. He arrived far too late in a European Top 5 Championship ”.

In love with the Turk, Campos went on to explain how he did not pass up the opportunity to recruit him when LOSC gave him the green light to go get him. “I told him: ‘I’ve loved you for a long time, I don’t understand why you haven’t come to Europe. This time, I’m here to offer you a challenge in a very ambitious club, Lille. A beautiful city, a good coach, a promising team, great facilities… All that’s missing is you, you are the missing piece, with your character, your extraordinary personality for a young group. It will do it directly. His eyes shone, I felt the chemistry. And Luis Campos was not wrong.

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