Marcelo Bielsa lays down his law and sets Leeds on fire


Marcelo Bielsa does nothing like anyone else. It would be very bad to know him. At Olympique de Marseille, where he had slammed the door after the first match against Caen on August 8, 2015, or at Lazio Rome, where he had signed before resigning two days later in July 2016, the native of Rosario didn’t hesitate to speak up and act when he disagreed. A real character then. But also a football enthusiast and a technician with a playing philosophy and a very personal style. A style that has also been emulated.

Leeds are in a good position to maintain themselves

The Leeds club therefore knew where they were going when they decided to hand over the controls of their first team to Bielsa in June 2018. In the English second division (Championship) at that time, the Peacocks were counting on El Loco to give them a new impetus. And the former coach of OM and LOSC immediately knew how to conquer his new club on and off the field. After an exceptional first season, his team failed in the Championship playoffs. A year later he managed to bring Leeds back to the Premier League.

Both playful and spectacular, Bielsa’s team were expected in the English top flight. And she did not disappoint, opening the game and scoring as many goals as she takes (40 goals scored, 43 conceded). With 32 points on the clock, Leeds United, which aims to maintain, is currently 12th in the Premier League (10 wins, 2 draws and 12 defeats). If all seems to be going, behind the scenes, the British team must manage the case of Marcelo Bielsa. The technician will arrive at the end of his contract next June and his club wants him to extend his lease.

His club wants to extend it but is already studying other avenues

This is what Leeds owner Andrea Radrizzani assured in the columns of Daily Mail. “If Marcelo stays, we’ll be delighted. He knows that we are happy to work with him. So it’s up to him to play. We are awaiting his decision but in any case, we will analyze the options and what to do if Marcelo no longer wants to be with us. We hope he will continue but we are still preparing the club just in case. I think the team has not finished growing. Marcelo has not finished his work here ”. In the meantime, the English club do not want to play with fire and will not wait as long as last year.

After validating his rise to the Premier League, Leeds waited for weeks to find out whether Bielsa continued the adventure or not. Ten days before the resumption of the championship, his club still did not know if he would stay or not. The Argentinian wanted to take his time and see if he would be listened to during the transfer window. And after all the conditions were right, he had extended his lease for one season on September 11. An episode that Leeds does not want to relive. But again, El Loco is in no rush. This is what he confessed to Skysports.

Bielsa follows his logic

“The first thing I want to stress is that the president is offering me an extension and that I am delaying it. This could be interpreted as the club wanting to continue more than I am and it is not. I don’t want to position myself above the club in any way. I repeat, I will not be dealing with other options until my work here in Leeds is finished. There is no speculation on my part. The second thing is that the decision to work at a club for another year is so important that you have to have clear security. When you have a third of the season to play, maybe during that time, things will happen that will change the judgment on you ”.

The one who confessed at the end of January that he was not against staying continues: “It helps to keep that in mind. This is my reasoning. If the club needs an answer before the end of the season, I will answer before the end of the season. But if that happens, I would take the time to tell them that they should think about what’s going on in the latter part of the season. In this case, it is possible that they say to me: “ok, we will wait until the end of the season”, or that they say to me: “no, we have to solve this problem before the end of the season”. If ever they need an answer before the end of the season, then I will give one ”. It remains to be seen whether Marcelo Bielsa will respond positively or negatively. Leeds are hoping for a sign from him but won’t wait forever …

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