Mercato – PSG : Neymar would have finally convinced La Pulga!

While Neymar did not hide his intention to play again with Lionel Messi, the Brazilian star’s insistence would have finally convinced La Pulga. The number 10 of FC Barcelona would now like to join PSG.

A few weeks ago, Neymar dropped a bomb that quickly went around the world. The Brazilian showed his desire to see Lionel Messi join him at PSG. “I’d love to play with Messi again, that’s what I want the most. To have fun with him again. Where would I put him? If I were me, I’d go out, there’s no problem. I want to play with him, I want to play with him all the time, that’s for sure.

“Next year we have to play together again,” he confided to the microphone of ESPN Argentina. Asked about this foot call, Lionel Messi admitted to being in regular contact with Neymar: “The three of us with Luis, me with him, or me with Luis, every day (…) We should ask Neymar why he said we were going to play together. We have a WhatsApp band with him and Luis Suárez. »

Neymar would have convinced Messi to join him at the PSG

And obviously, Neymar’s forcing would have paid off. Indeed, according to Brazilian journalist Thiago Asmar, founder of the YouTube Pilhado channel, Lionel Messi will play at PSG next season. The bomb is dropped. Long decided to join Pep Guardiola, who has extended his contract at Manchester City, the Rosario native has finally revised his plans at the insistence of Neymar.

At the end of his contract next June with FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi is already free to sign with the club of his choice for next season and he would be very excited to form a duo with Neymar again. He even made the announcement to him about their band WhatsApp. In other words, the Brazilian could well pull off a masterstroke by attracting Lionel Messi to PSG.

Why is Messi called the Pulga?

In 2005, an Argentinean journalist nicknamed Lionel Messi ‘la pulga’, or ‘the chip’, referring to his small size and ability to ‘bounce’ when attacked on the field. He is also nicknamed ‘the messiah’, in reference to his surname and the quality of his game.

Who is the best player in the world?

No big upheaval at the top: Lionel Messi is, as on FIFA 20, the best player in the game with a score of 93 (94 on FIFA 20). Cristiano Ronaldo is second with a score of 92 (93 on FIFA 20). On the other hand, they are four to appear equally behind with a score of 91.

Who is the best dribbler in the world?

The star of the Catalan club, Lionel Messi, completes the podium. The Argentinian international made 118 successful dribbles in 31 matches played with the blaugrana.

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