Mercato – PSG: This amazing release on the price of Neymar!

While the price of Neymar would be set at 32M€, Raffaele Poli, PhD in human sciences and director of CIES, at the origin of this estimate, justifies this amount.

Recruited for 222M€ during the summer of 2017, Neymar would only be worth… 32M€. A rather incredible value for a player the size of a Brazilian, but it is indeed the estimate of the CIES Football Observatory that places Neymar outside the 100 most expensive players on the planet. To do this, CIES uses an algorithm that takes into account various purely factual criteria such as age, contract duration and playing time. This algorithm therefore does not take into account non-measurable variables such as the player’s popularity, talent, potential, and merchandising value, and thus obscures the player’s worldwide reputation. Above all, the current context, namely the health crisis, is also not taken into account. Nevertheless, for Raffaele Poli, PhD in human sciences and director of CIES, this estimate makes sense.

“It is in a zone where its value is dropping a lot”

“We’ve been taking statistics into account for the past two years. We can see that he hasn’t played much since January 2019. Much less than in Barcelona before. His age is advancing, his contract only lasts 18 months. He is in a zone where his value is dropping a lot. The contract also explains the decline in value of Kylian Mbappé. Our model is used by clubs and like any model it has its advantages and disadvantages. I would be careful not to say that this is the absolute truth. But when Neymar signed at the PSG, he was estimated practically at the price of his clause. This shows that it was plausible to buy him at such a high price. He uses objective facts for a scientific model. But this model does not see that it is Neymar, his potential, and so on. The current context (Editor’s note: the health crisis) is not really taken into account either. It’s also a criticism,” he assures in the columns of Le Parisien.

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