Mourad Boudjellal reacts to the departure of Nicolas Anelka


This Tuesday, we revealed to you exclusively that Nicolas Anelka is leaving his post of sports director of Hyères FC. “I came to this project thinking that the virus was conquered and that amateur football was going to resume. After three months at the club the observation is obvious! The sports project is no longer the same! Amateur football is at a standstill and the restrictions are even more severe. Aware of the financial difficulties that have arisen at the club, which weigh on the implementation of the project and decisions taken against amateur football, I do not see any short and medium-term projection on amateur football. My experience and expertise are of no use at the moment! So I prefer to devote my time to my other activities. I thank the president for giving me this opportunity! I discovered a club, this magnificent region and its friendly inhabitants. I wish good luck to this project and to all the team which supervises the club ”, he told us.

A few hours later, Mourad Boudjellal reacted to his departure in the columns of Var Morning. “It was complicated in this context of health crisis and confinement, we could not work. Nicolas (Anelka) lives between Belgium and Dubai, the procedures to travel were really heavy. For a month and a half, he hasn’t been able to come two or three times in a row, it was getting complicated (…) Nicolas (Anelka) is a brilliant boy. I learned a lot from him, I respect him. I even surrounded myself with some of his relatives. This departure is the life of a club (…) It does not change my project, I have a trademark. I decided on a media Ramadan for the HFC, but we work a lot. To replace Nicolas? It will also be a household name. You know, I’m not going to change … “ The two parties therefore leave on good terms.

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