Neymar, Di Maria and Paredes finally allowed to play against Marseille on Sunday

Marseille fans were happy to imagine Jesé on point on Sunday evening during the PSG-OM Classic, they might have Neymar… Indeed, while the Parisian players are dropping like flies because of Covid-19 and Thomas Tuchel thought he would be amputated of his great army (Neymar, Di Maria, Paredes, Marquinhos, Icardi, Navas, Mbappé), the German coach could finally count on some elements.

RMC to clarify

According to RMC, who got his information from a “source close to the Professional Football League”, Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredes and Neymar should be at the game on Sunday at the Parc des Princes since they would have declared their symptoms to PSG and the League before August 30. However, the protocol set up by the League takes into account the date of declaration of the first symptoms and not the date of notification of the PCR tests.

Stars running out of pace

For WFA, a gambler testing positive for Covid-19 must be isolated for eight days from the day after reporting symptoms to the authorities. This is supplemented by seven days of individual training before returning to the group. From there, the trio of players mentioned above could return to the squad a day or two before the trip to Marseille. Still according to RMC, a fourth player (Icardi, Navas or Marquinhos) could also return to the group by then.

This is only half good news for PSG, since if these players were to make their return, they would inevitably run out of pace, not having participated in any collective training. In the end, the Marseilles team will perhaps see Jesé lined up at the start, to their great joy, no doubt about it.

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