OL eliminates the Red Star on penalties!


Continuation and end of the knockout stages of the Coupe de France with Red Star-OL on the synthetic turf at the Stade Bauer. Mission for the Rhone club, not to miss out on an opponent from National and interrupt the series of 3 matches without wins (in Ligue 1). For this, Rudi Garcia had built an alternative eleven, with Pollersbeck in goal, Lucas Paqueta in false number 9 alongside Depay and Cherki in particular. On the Red Star side, we found the former Angers midfielder Cheikh N’Doye in the midfield.

OL quickly took control of the ball and set their pace. But it lacked clear opportunities, and the Saint-Ouen club could gain confidence over the minutes, without however worrying the Lyon goalkeeper. Cheikh N’Doye’s waist was used on set pieces and found on a cross from Ba (19th). But the Red Star was going to offer OL in spite of himself the opening of the score. His doorman, Raphaël Adiceam, was missing his release, which landed in the feet of Thiago Mendes. The latter served Paqueta, who quietly adjusted the unfortunate Adiceam (0-1, 28th). Hard for the Red Star, who grew bolder over the minutes.

Depay, a culpable nonchalance

OL supported their actions a little more, especially via Cherki. But it was another mistake from his host that would precipitate his second goal. Ghabaoui and Daillet tangled the brushes in the surface, Adiceam was forced to deflect the ball, which arrived on Paqueta, just in front of the goals. Altruistic, the Brazilian served Depay who pushed the leather in empty goals (0-2, 45th). Upon returning from the locker room, OL appeared determined to keep control of the match, and they invested the opposing camp. Paqueta continued to hurt with his stalls and combinations. But also its high recoveries. On one of them, he offered a golden opportunity to Depay, but the Lyon captain played the shot too nonchalantly and Daillet cleared his line (55th).

The Dutchman would regret it a few minutes later. By not killing the suspense and then losing the ball while wanting to dribble, he relaunched the Red Star. Roye indeed found Ba in the heart of the surface. The attacker chained control-hits impeccably and scored (1-2, 61st). The match then got carried away a little more (Depay was left by Rudi Garcia), OL wanting to nip the revolt in the bud. But Guimarães made a mistake on Dzabana entering the box. Jimmy Roye, decisive passer a few minutes earlier, rolled up and deceived Pollersbeck (2-2, 74th)! The National club had just made up for lost time after having been on the verge of 0-3!

OL rushed towards the attack but fell on an Adiceam recovered from its initial ball. The 30-year-old goalkeeper was decisive on several occasions, against Paqueta, Cherki or Caqueret. And when it was not him, it was a defender on the line who cleared (87th)! Tremendous self-sacrifice, the Red Star held the shock against the waves of Lyon. Result, it was going to be played on penalties between the two teams. And in this little game, it was OL who won (5 tab to 4), sealing their qualification for the quarter-finals, which will be drawn on Friday.

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