Paul Pogba’s straightforward press conference


Since the end of the match against Bulgaria (3-0), a small fire is taking in the France team. Indeed, questioned about his discretion in the field before his double, Olivier Giroud had admitted that, perhaps, sometimes, he had been poorly served. A little sentence with no real destination, but obviously Kylian Mbappé took it for him.

Thus, the Parisian wanted to go and explain himself at a press conference: total refusal of Deschamps. But there is a press conference this Thursday and it was Paul Pogba who stuck to it. Probably the best blue, with Griezmann, over the two preparation matches, the Mancunian did not evade the subject at all and answered it with a certain enthusiasm.

There has always been a very good atmosphere within the group and to get to the heart of the matter between Kyky and Oliv there is nothing. What was said was transmitted poorly, I think. Kylian you all know him well, he knows how to score, pass, he always plays for the team, even if I tell him that it would be good if he defended a little more to help us in the midfield. There are only smiles “, He thus conceded.

He is a fan of forwards

But that was not the only topic of the day. Indeed, the journalists present at Clairefontaine asked the former Juventus to speak about the trio (Benzema-Mbappé-Griezmann) which ignites everyone and which is especially the main topic of conversation at the moment. Even if Giroud, with his double, gave rise to a little doubt.

It’s up to journalists to focus on other players. But it’s hard when you have players like that on a team. It makes us happy to see that, the best strikers in the world in the same team … It’s not pressure, there is no risk, we have a good mentality, we have to focus on ourselves, that it does not go too much to our heads. They have reached a level, where in their club they are judged on all their performances. We will try to calm all this between us, but we must have the right mentality and the rightness to manage everything, we have the right mentality in this group. », He continued.

He kicks in touch for his future

Finally, last subject, but not the least, its future. Since this Wednesday evening, Paul Pogba has been announced in the sights of Paris SG. Moreover, in the middle of an interview, Kingsley Coman and Presnel Kimpembe had fun questioning Paul Pogba, who had just come to do the show. Without response, it was relaunched, necessarily, in front of the media.

I have one year left on my contract and everyone knows it. There were no concrete proposals. We finished the season with the Europa League and then we had the holidays. I didn’t sit down and with the coach, we didn’t talk. I’m in Manchester and the only thought I have is the Euro, to concentrate on my competition. I don’t want to hear that I’m not focused because I’m thinking about my future. I have a little more experience, and now the goal is really to focus on the present and that is the Euro. When there are these competitions, I avoid thinking about clubs and I have an agent who takes care of all that. But, no I don’t have Nasser’s phone number (laughs), ”he concluded. We won’t have all the answers, but at least he’s dedicated himself to the task.

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