PSG-OM : Alvaro Gonzalez’s agent sent a warning to Neymar!

Questioned by the Spanish radio, the agent of the OM defender confided that a complaint against Neymar was possible following the accusations of racism of the Brazilian.

“The words he said to Neymar were “bobo” (idiot in Spanish, Editor’s note). Neymar constantly insulted him during the game. He told him that he was earning four euros, while he was earning 10 million a year. If you look at it from that point of view, they are the racists. Alvaro’s best friend at Espanyol was Caicedo, a black player.

I don’t know if he’s going to take action against Neymar. Now Neymar is trying to minimize the case, but the damage is done. He’s a bit of a hypocrite. On Tuesday, Alvaro Gonzalez’s uncle came out of silence and openly attacked Neymar after his accusations.

And on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, it was the player’s agent, José Rodri, who spoke on the El Transistor program on Spanish radio Onda Cero. Although he was less vehement than the player’s uncle, Rodri made a point of clarifying the accusations of racism: “Alvaro has been a professional and irreproachable player all his years. He has never been involved in such acts before. In no case has he ever uttered racist expressions against Neymar.

As a reminder, the various images of Telefoot and beIN Sports did not find any trace of racist insults from the defender against the star of the Canarinha. However, this does not mean that they did not take place.

A complaint against Neymar is conceivable

“Alvaro categorically denies any kind of racist insult directed at a professional partner. There have even been homophobic and pejorative expressions against him. He is sad. He has never had problems with anyone. It’s not nice that you get a million tweets with accusations and death threats, pictures of him being taken, of his car, etc. It’s crossing the line and it has to stop. For me, it’s punishable,” added the agent of the former Espanyol and Villarreal.

Finally, he admitted that a complaint against Neymar was possible: “we reserve the right to initiate the appropriate mechanisms to preserve Alvaro’s honor”. He also added that he hopes that the Brazilian will be sanctioned by the French soccer institutions. In other words, we have not heard the end of this case…

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