Scandal in Italy Luis Suarez’s examination is allegedly fraudulent

According to an investigation by the Guardia di Finanza, the Italian exam taken by Luis Suarez last week was rigged.

Everything would have been put in place, to allow the FC Barcelona striker “luis saurez”, to pass the test in order to obtain Italian nationality.

Indeed Luis Suarez is going through, a complicated period, While his future is uncertain, Luis Suarez (33 years old), founds himself at the heart of a scandal in Italy.


In a press release, the public prosecutor’s office in Perugia, denounced irregularities, concerning the Italian exam (B1), passed by the FC Barcelona striker, on 17 September in Italy

According to the Guardia di Finanza, the test was rigged!

Luis Suarez knew the subjects… and his mark…

It was during an investigation opened in February 2020 for suspicions of cheating at the University of Perugia that the investigators allegedly discovered the deception.

We learn that the subjects covered by the examination had been previously agreed with the Barcelona native.

According to some sources, the final mark had even been awarded before the test! Telephone tapping concerning several university executives began to appear in the Italian press.


“With a salary of 10 million euros per season, you can’t stop him from having a passport because he doesn’t have the B1”.

The words reported by the Corriere della Serra can be heard in these listenings.

Juve has finally closed the Luis Suarez case, and some professors have expressed their doubts: “He doesn’t understand a word”.

“He doesn’t conjugate verbs, he speaks in the infinitive,” one of the teachers said, while others wondered whether Suarez would be able to answer Italian journalists.

As a reminder, the Uruguayan “Luis Saurez” had taken this exam in order to obtain Italian nationality, to join Juventus Turin.

In the end, the Old Lady closed the case, explaining that the delay in obtaining her passport was too long.


“The time it takes to obtain the passport is longer than the end of the mercato and exceeds the date by which the list of players qualified for the Champions League must be given”, said sports director Fabio Paratici.

Since then, Juve have decided to recruit Alvaro Morata from Atletico Madrid, who are trying to offer themselves to the… Suarez.

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