The 40 Top Popular and Beautiful Football Player’s Wives

Isabelle Matuidi

As her last name suggests, she is the wife of the French footballer, Blaise Matuidi. They met as teenagers while the Juventus midfielder was still at the ESTAC training center. Isabelle Matuidi is very discreet about her private life and rarely shows herself to the media. She leads a career as an osteopath and has had three children with the soccer player: Myliane, Naëlle and Eden. The couple got married in November 2017 far from the cameras.

Daniella Semaan

From her nickname Quenn DD, Daniella Semaan has been in a relationship for 10 years with the Spanish international, Cesc Fabregas. Their beginning of relationship is quite original since they met while Daniella Semaan was with another person. They fall in love with each other, but the latter does not leave her husband. The adultery is revealed when the lovers make the front page of the English press. They now have three children: Lia, 6, Capri, 4, and Leonardo, 2.

Romarey Ventura

The sublime Romarey Ventura is the companion of the famous Spanish left-back of FC Barcelona, Jordi Alba. Together they had a son named Pierro. Very influential on social networks, he is a star of Instagram. She mainly posts photos of her daily life and product placements. To date, she has more than 420,000 subscribers on her account. Besides that, she has been an ambassador for the clothing brand Valeria Savannah.

Elena Galera

Also very influential on social networks, Elena Galera is the companion of FC Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets. Before becoming a star on Instagram, Elena Galera previously worked as a nursing assistant in Spain. Today, she has become famous thanks to her Instagram account, which has more than 420,000 subscribers. She unveils many pictures of her daily life. Together with Sergio Busquets, the 29-year-old woman has two children: two boys named Enzo and Levi.

Magali Aravena

Magali Aravena is the companion of the Argentine international, Eduardo Salvio. Very independent professionally, she has her own collection of eponymous bikinis. Magali Aravena also has a blog in which she posts her work. The 30-year-old woman is very active on Instagram. She shares photos of her and her dream everyday life with her 120,000 subscribers. She meets Eduardo Salvio during the World Cup in 2014. Today, they are married and share two children.

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