the curious reasons which led Kevin de Bruyne to extend


The news fell this morning: Kevin de Bruyne will be, if he wishes to complete his contract at least, Citizen until 2025. Superb news for the Mancunian team, which thus shields its playmaker and the one of the best midfielders on the planet. Often, we tend to think that players stay at their club in exchange for an increase in their remuneration, or simply because they know they will not get better elsewhere.

As explained The Athletic, in the case of the Red Devil, the money logically weighed, but there was a real reflection behind it. He had set two conditions for Skyblues leaders to extend: a salary increase, but also a guarantee that the club would do everything possible to win the Champions League in the near future.

He also had guarantees

To ensure this second point, the Belgian star hired a team of analysts to study very precisely his contribution to the team, and why he was so important for Pep Guardiola, which also weighed for salary negotiations. But above all, the player wanted to see if the team still had chances to evolve, based in particular on the age and qualities of the workforce in place. And the reports drawn up by the analysts in question have convinced the player that he is essential to the team, and that on a purely sporting level, he could not find better in terms of level, potential and ambition. .

There was also a meeting during which he received guarantees from the leaders, who will be able to continue to build a competitive team around him, in particular thanks to the money saved following certain departures which took place last summer and which will take place next summer. No doubt, Kevin de Bruyne dreams of being the man who will finally offer a European title to Manchester city!

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