the first steps of Luan Peres, William Saliba and Mattéo Guendouzi


The excitement was there this Wednesday for Marseille fans. Beyond that their team played a new preparatory meeting, this time in Portugal, against Sporting Braga, whom they have met a lot in recent years in the Europa League. But that was not all, they were also impatient, as new recruits William Saliba, Mattéo Guendouzi and Luan Peres were in the squad and could potentially come into play if Sampaoli so decided.

And that obviously did not fail! Led 0-1 at the break, the Marseillais would quickly enter the second half with a new man: Luan Peres, who replaced a left central Jordan Amavi who is not the position. The Brazilian was solid, but above all technically very secure. We could see him make passes that broke the opposing lines and especially bring the ball back to the foot. It will therefore be very useful, in particular for bringing in the excess and making the block higher up.

Guendouzi is already ready

Mattéo Guendouzi and William Saliba did not have the chance to complete the second half, but they each had a good twenty minutes! The defender returned to the central right position instead of a Leonardo Balerdi not really exciting. We expect him rather in the axis of the defense, but we have already seen that he was strong in the duel and that he did not hesitate to carry the ball a little and to try to bring out the leather cleanly. . We will probably see him more against Benfica on July 25.

Finally, Mattéo Guendouzi was also expected. He is also just recovering from a fractured metatarsal. During the 20 minutes, he completely shone in the midfield. We could see him in combat, as when he was vehemently defending Konrad de la Fuente, who had just suffered a nasty mistake. We also saw his technical qualities with a series of small bridges and passes that broke the lines. With Gerson, they should make a hell of a pair in midfield. OM will be ready for August 8 and the first day of Ligue 1.

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