the hot reaction of the hero Olivier Giroud


This Tuesday night, Chelsea waited a long time, but managed to secure a precious victory against Atlético Madrid in Romania, in Bucharest. Yet nothing was easy against a Spanish team who refused the game throughout the confrontation. Finally, 20 minutes from the end, Olivier Giroud, on whom Thomas Tuchel seems to be counting, scored a sublime goal, an acrobatic kickback, which will give the victory to the Blues in this very closed meeting.

Asked by RMC Sport at the end of the match, he recounted his goal: ” it is the kind of gesture that I love for those who know me. After I have success, the defender does not go there frankly, I am ahead. The only thing, I tell Mason (Mount, editor’s note) “if he refuses me the goal, I will blame you”, if he leaves it to me I have it on the center. We’re not going to be choosy, I’m happy to see the ball in the net, it’s great for me and for the team “.

You can see that we have a lot of fun and I am the first

However, it took time for the number one striker of the France team to celebrate his achievement. Indeed, initially announced out of play, the VAR entered the track and finally it is a defender who gives it the leather. ” With VAR you have to have patience, keep faith. Good for us and for me, but it’s a long time to decide. It was an important decision, as the referee told us during the match. It’s weird to celebrate three minutes later anyway “.

But Giroud likes European competitions. In 2019, Chelsea lifts the Europa League, the French is the top scorer (11 goals). This season, in the Champions League, it’s six goals in five matches (including four against Sevilla FC). He is also the second best scorer, along with Rashford, Neymar and Morata, in the competition behind the unstoppable Erling Haaland. He is delighted: “ that’s a good stat. I think it’s related to my quadruple against Sevilla (laughs). I’m happy, we have to keep that. I hope this competition will carry me like the Europa League in 2019 and bring us happiness. It’s only the round of 16, but I, who have never passed them, would be happy to go to the next round and we’ll see. We have to keep that, we have a game plan and we are all concerned. You can see that we have a lot of fun and I am the first “. Thomas Tuchel will be able to savor and perhaps, secretly, hope to draw Paris SG in the next round.

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