the new declarations of Hugues Ouvrard


In Marseille, the crisis is in full swing. The team coached by Nasser Larguet whips to win a European ticket at the end of the season, while its supporters have gone to war against the management and especially against their president Jacques-Henri Eyraud. The latter, already shouted at, managed to put all of Marseille to his back following the announcement of the Agora OM, a plan intended to rework supporterism in Marseille. But that’s not all.

Via its general manager Hugues Ouvrard, JHE has clearly threatened the ultras to break the convention that binds them on the subject of subscription campaigns. An act that sealed the already very consummate divorce between the Olympian president and OM fans. But while the departure of JHE is demanded by the people of Marseille, Provence was able to access the conference calls between Hugues Ouvrard and the representatives of OM Nation members.

No departure for JHE

And obviously, Eyraud is not about to pack up. ” No. Frank has renewed his confidence in Jacques-Henri, he thinks that “JHE” is the right person at the head of OM. It’s his club, he has put € 370 million in it, he has the right to decide who runs it. I am not telling you who should be the leader of your associations. The governance of a company belongs to its owner. It is not by shouting “I want the head of the king” that one obtains the head of the king. Jacques-Henri made mistakes, but he made the club progress too. “

Words that no doubt “delighted” his interlocutors. But that’s not all. As the club is mired in an unprecedented crisis, eternal rumors of sales to Saudi investors have resurfaced on social networks since the end of the Boudjellal-Ajroudi soap opera. But there again, Ouvrard was determined to repeat the speech made by the McCourt clan. “The club is not for sale, we have never received an offer, neither from a person in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia or France. Nothing. Frank McCourt’s project is long term. (…) The club will not be sold because it is not for sale. “ It is said !

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