Toni Kroos warns Real Madrid and compares it with Bayern

Toni Kroos gave an interview in which he did not hesitate to acknowledge the lack of consistency at Real Madrid, while naming Bayern Munich as the best team in the world. The German also expressed confidence in Zidane.

Real Madrid player Toni Kroos gave an interview to ‘Marca’ in which he analyses the start of the season for his club.

“It’s true that we are missing something. It’s no secret. Everyone can see it. We’re not lacking a little… but a lot of consistency. If you look at the results, they alternate between two good, one bad, two good, one bad. We have to do better. You see matches and you realise that you can do better,” the German admitted.

And he added about this lack of consistency in the team: “It is clear that we can improve, but we lack consistency. If we played well against Barcelona, we also have to play like that against Cadiz or Shakhtar at home. There’s a big difference. Sometimes very well and sometimes very badly. We have to improve if we want to win something.

Kroos also refers to the complicated schedule: “We are in a very strange situation for everyone. We play every three days, we had few holidays, we finished last season too late, we couldn’t sign players in the summer. Now there are injuries, some have to stop because they are affected by COVID-19, but I don’t like to make excuses. In every game we have a starting team that can beat the opponent. I have no doubt about that.

“We have to find solutions to improve ourselves. It’s not something general, it’s things or situations specific to each match and that’s why we have to react. The truth is that as a team, if we want to win, we have to improve. And we’ve already seen how we can do that,” added the 30-year-old Merengue midfielder.

“Bayern is better than Real Madrid”

Finally, the Madrid midfielder was asked about the current form of Bayern Munich: “For me, Bayern is the best team in the world. There’s no doubt about that. Real Madrid have lived through a few years like this and we know it’s difficult. It’s impossible to win it all ten years in a row. Real Madrid has been the best team in the world for two or three years. Now it’s Bayern and that doesn’t say anything bad about us.

“If you look at how they’ve been playing these last few months… there isn’t a game they don’t win by four goals. They won the Champions League and for me, whoever wins it is the best team in the world because it’s the most complicated competition to win. It’s true that they are better than us, but for the moment it’s not a problem because we don’t play in their championship and we don’t face them in the Champions League, at least for the moment,” said Kroos.

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