Vinicius Junior empties his bag


On May 23, 2017, Real Madrid proudly announced that they had acquired Vinicius Junior. 16 years old at the time of the transfer, this great Brazilian hope of Flamengo did not arrive until the summer of 2018 in the Spanish capital. After a few matches with Castilla, he was then thrown into the deep end in the derby against Atlético de Madrid on September 29. Present for a little less than three years with the Merengues, the native of São Gonçalo has experienced ups and downs despite an obvious talent. Asked by TNT Sports, he mentioned several subjects such as the difficulties of his club. His words are relayed by AS.

Vinicius Jr responds to criticism

“It’s always very complicated to play without fans and it’s a little hard to get used to. Last season we managed to win a lot of matches thanks to our physique and technique. This season without playing at the Bernabéu is a bit complicated, the other teams are not playing in the presence of our home crowd and the pressure is different. There are ups and downs in the season and we have to be prepared and mentally strong. In Madrid, there is a lot of pressure for all the players and we have to be focused to keep a cool head in order to continue to pursue our goals. ”

Then, he mentioned his personal case: “I’m happy with the last matches in which I took part. To regain confidence, to win and to get closer to our main objective, which is to win titles ”. Author of 28 appearances (13 starts), the one who has scored 3 goals and delivered 3 assists this season has responded to criticism, while some say he dares less than before. “No, maybe I’m getting more mature. I choose the right gestures and I try to help the team in another way ”. The Auriverde footballer feels supported within the Casa Blanca.

The Brazilian is supported

Florentino Pérez is his first support elsewhere. “The president tells me that he is my biggest fan and that gives me a lot of confidence”. Same thing with his coach. “Yes. I have 100% confidence in my club Real Madrid, in Zidane, in all the players who are here. I am happy and satisfied with this and I want to continue to help Real Madrid and put the club where it should always be ”. A confidence that helps him therefore as expectations and pressure are growing increasingly on his shoulders.

“It’s always a very big responsibility to play for Real Madrid, the greatest team in the world. But all the people at the club and my family, everyone around me, give me the greatest peace of mind so that I only care about playing. I have responsibilities on and off the pitch, but I have to have fun on the pitch. I’m about to reach 100 matches with Madrid. I reach this milestone so young by being one of the three players with the most games at the club at 20 years old. I am happy and focused on what I am doing here listening to all the people who want to help me. I want to reach 200, 300 or even more matches with Madrid ”.

The Benzema and Hazard examples

The player, who swore loyalty to Real Madrid and who confessed that he was not thinking of a departure even in the form of a loan, finally spoke of his relations with his teammates including Karim Benzema. We remember the footage of the Frenchman in the tunnel at half-time in the match against M’Gladbach where he asked Ferland Mendy not to serve the Brazilian. “It has never changed and it will never change. Benzema is one of the players who defends me here, who did everything to help me when no one knew me. This during these two and a half years. Foreigners don’t know what really happened. At Real Madrid, the least of these elements has a lot of repercussions ”.

Regarding Eden Hazard, one of his competitors, he said: “There will always be competition. Everyone wants to play and not be left out. Off the pitch they are very good people. I’m happy to be able to make a dream come true, to play with Hazard. He’s a great player, I watched what he was doing on TV and how he took risks with the ball. Being able to fight for this job with someone like him makes me happy too. He gives me advice, tells me to be calm and never stop taking risks ”. Advice he will try to apply on Wednesday against Atalanta in the UEFA Champions League.

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