Will go, won’t go? All is clear for Lionel Messi’s future!

Lionel Messi is currently in negotiations, with FC Barcelona, for the extension of his contract, and the Catalan president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, seems very confident about the outcome.

Currently under contract until June 2021, with FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi (33), has long been announced on the departure, from this summer, he would have a clause, in his current contract, not to honour his last year of the contract.

Finally, according to the latest trends, Messi is currently negotiating with Barça for an extension of that lease, and Josep Maria Bartomeu, made a big announcement on the subject on Sunday evening, in remarks reported by Mundo Deportivo.

Lately, Bartomeu discusses the hotly debated about Messi’s transfer, While the wildest rumours are circulating about the possible departure of Lionel Messi, the president of FC Barcelona seems rather serene about the Argentinian’s future.

Josep Bartomeu, discussed the delicate subject, of negotiations with his foal, for a contract extension, in an interview with, El Mundo Deportivo.

“Lionel Messi has said several times that he wants to end his career here. I have no doubt that he will extend it”

simply dropped the Blaugrana leader, who was not very talkative on the subject.
At the beginning of the month, the Catalan media claimed, that Messi had decided, to freeze negotiations, over a possible contract extension, with Barça.

His current contract runs until June 2021

His current contract runs until June 2021
Messi transfer rumours

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