Zinedine Zidane does not understand the hecatomb of the injured


Zinedine Zidane still has to face his fate. Tomorrow he begins his double confrontation against Atalanta in the round of 16 of the Champions League (follow live commented on Foot 24hfootnews). Once again, it’s a part of his future that he’s putting back on the table. On the verge of taking the door in the fall and early winter, the French miraculously saved himself by going to win at the Nou Camp against Barça, then, later, on the lawn of Sevilla FC. Since then, the reigning Spanish champion is far from having recovered from all his ills but victories follow one another and confidence has been regained.

There is still a sensitive point to be corrected urgently: the too large number of injured. Once again, the Casa Blanca will find itself cut off from many players and not the least since Benzema, Ramos, Carvajal, Hazard, Rodrygo, Valverde, Militao, Odriozola and Marcelo are all missing for this trip to Italy. Enough to enrage the technician from Madrid who will find himself with many young players from Cantera on the bench tomorrow night in Italy. For some of them, it will even be their baptism of fire in the Champions League.

Zidane doesn’t understand

“There is no rational explanation to understand all these injuries. We are all sorry to have so many injured players. It is true that there are too many. This is the situation of the day, there are players who are doing well all the same. But we are well prepared. We must show solidarity and know how to create opportunities for ourselves ”, retorts a Zidane who wishes to see the glass half full. “You talk to me about defeat but we want to win, as always and the players too. We are going to enter the field to win. ”

Even Toni Kroos at a press conference did not seem to understand these many physical glitches which seriously handicap Real’s season. “The truth is, I’m not the right person to ask this question. I hardly ever get hurt and I don’t know what they are doing in rehabilitation. What I know is how to take care of my body ”, retorts the German. The mission promises to be delicate tomorrow in Bergamo but not impossible because as Zidane recalled during his visit to the press, despite the many absent, he still has “The best players.”

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